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Mobile network operator: Viva
Destination country: Dominican Republic
Local currency: Dominican Peso (DOP)
Top up details
Taxes & fees: None
Time till credit is applied: Less than 1 minute
Recharge restrictions: None

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Country codes & mobile number examples - +

Viva cell phone number example

A complete dominican Viva number always has a total of 11 numbers in international format.

These 11 numbers are made up of three parts:
- the international dialing code +1 or 001 (which is used by all countries in North America and the Caribbean)
- the 3-digit country-specific area code which is also known as NPA (Numbering Plan Area) or NDC (National Destination Code)
- the 7-digit phone number of the user

In addition and beside a few other countries in the world, the Dominican Republic is special regarding dialing codes, since it has three country codes. Over and above that, geographic mobile numbers are used as well by which it's not possible to distinguish landline from mobile numbers.

The following table shows the components of a dominican Claro mobile number:

International country code:
+1 or 001
Area code (NPA/NDC):
7 digits
7 digits
7 digits
Phone number example/s:
+1 809 1234567
+1 829 1234567
+1 849 1234567

Viva key informations - +

Corporate figures:

Founded: 2008
Headquarter: Santo Domingo
Formerly known as: Centennial
Parent company: -
Services & products: Mobile, Landline, Internet, TV
Competitors: Claro, Orange, Tricom, Moun
Phone: +1-809-503-7500
Address: Av. Winston Churchil esq. Max Henríquez Ureña No. 73, Piantini Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
Region: Caribbean
Timezone: UTC -4
Language: Spanish
Local currency: Dominican Peso (DOP)
Number of customers: n/a
Mobile subscribers: n/a
Marketshare: 7.4 % (7/2013)
Network coverage: 98% (GSM)
Regulating authority: Instituto Dominicano de las Telecomunicaciones (Indotel)
Technology: CDMA / GSM (1900 MHz)
Status as of: 07/2015

Viva company profile - +


Viva is one of four telecommunication operators that provide wireless communication services and is the market dominant company in the Dominican Republic. It was founded back in 1883 as the All America Cables And Radio, and it was a subsidiary company of the ITT Corporation. At the time, it was the first and only company to provide telegraph services throughout the Antilles.

In the January of 2000, the company was purchased by Centennial Communications which took 70% of the company and became the leading partner. The company's name was changed to Centennial Dominicana. Centennial Dominicana then launched its first CDMA2000 networking service over an Evolution-Data Optimized (EVDO) protocol to allow for high speed connectivity.

On the 24th of November 2006, the company announced a purchase by Trilogy Information Partners for USD 80 million. The sale was made official in the March of 2007 when Trilogy Information Partners took over complete ownership. This prompted a change of name from Centennial Dominica to Viva in the April of 2008. Thus, today's market trend setter and dominator was born. With it came an introduction of newer and more improved services and functionality, especially with the launch of a GSM, GPRS and EDGE network.

Services offered

The company offers a wide range of modern communication services that are optimized to function over the country's downgraded communication infrastructure to provide the best user experience under the circumstances.

The services include:

  • GSM, GPRS and EDGE network access built over the existing CDMA network protocol for high speed connectivity and improved access as well as functionality.
  • Voice services over mobile network.
  • Data services on a 3G CDMA network that is wireless and built with EVDO for high speed operation capabilities. EVDO is a communication protocol that allows for there to be transmission of data through the radio signals that transmit voice services so that there can be a wireless broadband internet service at high speeds.
  • An evolved Blackberry service that is offered for both prepaid and postpaid customer options.
  • SMS, Voice SMS and an SMS-based value added service geared towards easier social media access and communication.
  • Prepaid, postpaid and hybrid mobile subscription payment options for the customers.
  • Fixed telephone services
  • International long distance origination and termination which allows for making of long distance communications.
  • International roaming services for its customers.
  • A CDMA roaming service for foreigners in the Dominican Republic
  • Local and international top up service through electronic means
  • High speed network solutions for data business allowing for better business communication and growth.

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Video tutorial - +

How to recharge a Viva cell phone?

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