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Mobile network operator: Cubacel
Destination country: Cuba
Local currency: Cuban Peso (CUP)
Top up details
Taxes & fees: None
Time till credit is applied: less than 1 minute
Recharge restrictions: PayPal payments are not allowed due to the US embargo

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Country codes & mobile number examples - +

Cubacel cell phone number example

A complete cuban cellphone number is always composed of three parts - the country code, the mobile code and the phone number.
The individual constituents and thus the numbering plan of Cubacel mobile numbers in Cuba are specified below.

Cuba country code:
+53 or 0053
Cubacel codes:
+6 digits
Phone number examples:
+53 51 123456
+53 52 123456
+53 53 123456
+53 54 123456
+53 55 123456
+53 56 123456
+53 58 123456
+53 59 123456

Cubacel key information - +

Corporate figures:

Founded: April 2002
Headquarter: Havana, Cuba
Formerly known as: n/a
Parent company: ETECSA
Services & products: Internet and phone
Competitors: None
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +53 52 64 22 66
Address: Centro de Negocios Miramar, edificio Beijing, 5to piso, Ave 3ra, e/ 76 y 78, Playa, La Habana. CP. 11300
Region: Caribbean
Timezone: CET -5:00
Language: Spanish
Local currency: Cuban Peso (CUP)
Number of customers: 1.1 Million
Mobile subscribers: 1.1 Million
Marketshare: 100%
Network coverage: 95%
Regulating authority: n/a
Technology: GSM 850/900 MHz (GPRS)
2100 MHz (UMTS)
State: 02/2021

Company profile - +

About Cubacel

Cubacel, at this point, is the only telecom provider in Cuba. It it owned by ETECSA, a government owned telecommunications service provider. ETECSA provides telephone, internet and wireless services. Telecommunication works well on the island, but the internet and wireless is not as developed.

Travelling to Cuba,tourists need to keep in mind, using the internet it is rather slow. The same applies for Wi-Fi spots. There are only a few hotspots on the island and the connection is rather slow too.

You can top up Cuban SIM cards for friends or family here, starting from 250 CUP.

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Video tutorial - +

How to recharge a cell phone?

This video tutorial explains step by step how easy it is to recharge a Cubacel mobile phone using utransto