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Contact your loved ones anytime, anywhere without hesitation!

Ever been in an intense conversation with a friend in a different country and the Wi-Fi disconnects?
Ever been wanting to talk to your family but you can’t because you don’t have mobile balance?
Ever want to wish your significant but you can’t because you have no time to get a top-up?
We understand how frustrating this situation can be which is why we have brought to you; utransto!

Whether you’re on a safari trip through the forest, or running late for early in the morning, utransto is your best friend and commits to delivering the best service.
Our service allows you to top-up credit into your mobile phone from anywhere in the world. If you’re a customer of Safarikom, Telkom or airtel, through utransto you will never be out of credit. Our main aim is to provide superb quality service to our users throughout the world without having to worry about any connectivity issue.

Users have the option to top-up through cash or credit, making the process extremely fast and easy. Get to using utransto today for hassle-free top-ups and an uninterrupted connection with your loved ones.